Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs)

Between the coast and 200 miles offshore there is a lot of water that requires comprehensive management if a Nation is to obtain the most from its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Fundamental to successful Exclusive Economic Zones management and control is the ability to monitor activity over a vast area and take effective policing action when required.

Air and seaborne sensors, patrol and enforcement assets, own and other Government agencies all form part of the management capability. At the heart of this is a Command and Control function based on an information system capable of operating with the widely disparate authorities likely to be involved in EEZ management. Fishery protection, sea bed mining, oil exploration and the prevention of smuggling, piracy, illegal immigration and money laundering are but a few of the activities that may be embraced by EEZ concerns.

STASYS’ membership of the UK EEZ Industry Group provides a significant insight into the technology and capabilities available to achieve fully interoperable and cost effective solutions to EEZ Management and Control.

STASYS is an independent consultancy company which specialises in advising, usually Government, Customers about air and maritime communication and information systems, Command and Control processes, data links, system interoperability and information management. From major UK defence capabilities, to European air space, American military and civil authorities and NATO interoperability issues, STASYS has provided cost-effective solutions to meet widely different customer demands.

In terms of EEZ management and control, STASYS is well placed to identify capability requirements and user needs and to formulate system specifications to meet those needs. Of particular relevance is an excellent track record in integrating, or achieving interoperability between, existing capabilities and advising on solutions where new equipment is required to be integrated with legacy systems often to demanding time, cost and performance criteria.

STASYS does not manufacture or provide hardware but offers completely impartial technical, operational, project management and procurement advice to public sector customers world-wide who need to acquire the capability to conduct integrated EEZ operations.