Management consultancy - Common

Consultancy for insurance companies

As well as management consultancy services, we offer advice for insurance companies. We assist insurance companies in every phase of their activity, offering a complete range of high-quality services:

SOFTWARE: general growth projections, prospects for local markets; risk selection; anti-fraud systems

DECISION SUPPORT MODELS: business rating for agency acquisition of casualty clients; analysis of portfolio accident rate; network and client evaluation


In the insurance market, management is increasingly focused on issues like network efficiency and productivity, cost rationalization, and access to impartial, scientific instruments to use in setting targets. In-depth familiarity with the territory, agencies, and clients has become a decisive competitive factor. Integrated data systems, and the specific skills needed to get the most out of them, have become essential in order to balance business risks and opportunities and optimize business processes.

As a leader in decision support systems and one of the world's most advanced providers, we offer insurance companies qualified support in insurance risk assessment and management, and information on the market, the territory, agencies, and private and corporate clients. In every stage of operations, from planning growth strategies to portfolio acquisition and management.

Scoring Models for planning and development 

From the standpoint of an efficient reengineering of all decision processes, our decision solutions’ credit scoring models allow the definition of a more objective, consistent credit policy and better management and communication with the commercial network. Marketing scoring models serve as a valid aid in boosting the profitability of an existing portfolio and attracting the most lucrative prospects.



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